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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )is the process of restructuring a web sites set up for increased search rankings. Each SE requires a slightly different process and website  set up to reach the top. Our consultants will explain the most important ways of optimizing a website for the search engines you choose. We also help you identify negative factors about your site or what you may have been doing wrong in the past. 

Yahoo Website Promotion Services : There are subtle differences for the different search engines. Yahoo has its own way of evaluating websites through various methods like meta tags, links and content. Obviously there are  many other steps you can take to help increase a sites visibility.

Optimizing for Google  : Google is more centered around quality links structure and good content. Having links from related sites with good content, education sites and authority websites are very important for search engine rankings. Page Rank (PR) is the final factor in determining your success on Google. Page Rank is only one part of the mix in factoring for search rankings. Remember in search engine optimization  there are many factors to help with rankings.